Welcome to Em & Olive. We are two twenty-somethings who met in college and bonded over our love of food and cooking, in addition to picnics, Pimm’s cup, and photography. For the better part of a year, we cooked dinner together once a week. This isn’t quite as doable now, with Em living in Brooklyn and Olive living in Los Angeles, but with the help of modern technology we’re hoping to carry on this tradition of cooking together.

On this blog you will find our cooking adventures, tidbits from our lives and respective cities, and anything else that might be on our mind. Feel free to contact us at emandolive15@gmail.com.

Who we are:



… was born and raised in Connecticut, spending a considerable amount of time in the kitchen and on farms. She discovered a love for food photography and Brooklyn while working at a peanut butter company one summer, and ever since then has gotten even more into cooking after becoming vegan almost two years ago. She moved to Brooklyn the day after graduation and has been exploring the city, mainly through its coffee shops and food, ever since. You can see what she’s up to on her Instagram.


Least Favorites:

  • dishes left in the sink
  • brown avocados
  • NYC tourists
  • subway delays

Inspired by:



… has been cooking since before shirts were mandatory. Born and raised in Tampa, she moved to LA shortly after graduation, where she has been getting to know her new home through its food. When Olive isn’t spending her time staring at food blogs and developing products for an undisclosed grocery chain, she’s reading, taking photos, and dreaming of her next meal.


  • bananas
  • oatmeal
  • persimmons
  • figs
  • black sesame and tahini ice cream
  • flat whites
  • Kitchen Mouse

Least favorites:

  • brunch crowds
  • running out of bananas
  • LA traffic
  • the hard parts of pineapple

Inspired by:

Thanks for stopping by!


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